Winning Essays
comes in two formats: a book and a compact disc. This is because we know that a book is easier to carry around than a computer (even a lap top).  However, the electronic format offers us a great deal of flexibility:  hyperlinks allow you to move from one topic to another, quickly, without getting distracted. In addition, the e-learning platform that we have chosen allows you to bookmark parts of the handbook that are important to you, and to make notes in it, just the same way as you would in a book.

• Overall revision
• Purpose, audience and tone
• Overall structure and unity 
• Sorting out the body of your essay
• Business Writing
• Improving the general flow of your writing
• What is a paragraph? 
• Sentence Struggles
• Final editing and proofreading
• Grammar Gremlins
• Pesky Punctuation Problems 
• Spelling and Capitalization:  Some Guidelines and Suggestions