Coaching Skills for Team Leaders and Supervisors

This course has been designed for team leaders and supervisors who are expected to coach co-workers and team members who must improve their performance.

Coaching for supervisors and middle managers is aligned to unit standard 113909: Coach a team member in order to enhance individual performance in work environment.  Summative and formative assessment tasks are integrated into the material.

Providers wishing to purchase these materials and which also require other supporting documents required in terms of an application for extension of scope to offer credit bearing training should contact us for a quotation.

Winning Essays, Assignments and Reports:  A handbook for editing and improving your own writing

This publication consists of a book and an interactional compact disc.  Winning Essays is not a text book, but was specifically designed to help novice and experienced writers to work with their own writing and strengthen it.  For more information about this book, please click here.

DMA E-Zine Contributions

  • Small Training Providers:  The Challenge of Managing Quality Systems in Compliance with accreditation, May 2005: 
    Accredited Training:  What does it mean—for the Provider and for the Consumer?  August 2005
  • National Qualifications Framework Impact Study:  Report 2:  Cycle 2 (April 2005) - Key points from the Executive Summary and some comments, October 2005
  • Taking stock of the year that’s past, and looking ahead to the New Year:  Developing strategies for ongoing monitoring and evaluation, December 2005