Papers and presentations

A selection of these papers and presentations are available here.



The South African education and training policy environment:  co-presentation with Seamus Needham, FET Institute, UWC, to the National Symposium on the development of qualifications for vocational and occupational trainers and educators 



Developing new partnerships - the importance of context:  Table Top Presentation by D Hensley and F Cameron-Brown, The International Association of Colleges 2008 Conference, New York, February 2008

NQF and Skills Development Bills:  Presentation to the CHIETA Broad Regional Form (Western Cape), 2008


Scarce and Critical Skills:  Equipping FET college staff to meet this challenge
2nd South African Regional FET Conference, Johannesburg

Scarce Skills: An international partnership approach to training quality trainers for scarce skills
Scarce Skills Summit, Cape Town


Developing a Quality Management System for Training Providers
Co-presenter:  S A Auditing and Training Certification Association (SAATCA), Cape Town

A Case for a Uniform Approach to Systemic Quality Management in the SA Education & Training System
6th IAC International FET Colleges Conference, Cape Town


Online Writing Tutoring: Its Potential in Southern African Education
Co-presenter/author e/merge 2004 virtual conference


Practical steps aimed at amending existing training programmes to comply with unit standards and aid the swift implementation of the Skills Development Act to take full advantage of increased worker competence
The Skills Development Act Conference, Cape Town.