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A new era for professional bodies and designations?

So the World Cup 2010 has come and gone, and we are rapidly approaching the end of the first decade of the 21st century (or if you’re a purist, the end of the first year of the second decade...).  What’s even more incredible is that I saw a television advertisement for Christmas on 30th September - I didn’t know whether to laugh or to be very afraid - the year seems to have flown by.

Perhaps like me, after a relatively quiet few months, things have suddenly got busy?

In this newsletter, I’d like to draw your attention to three things:

Engineering Faculty news from the University of Newcastle


As some of you may know, I have an association with the University of Newcastle, Australia, which has been working in partnership with African universities for a number of years.  Relations with South Africa and our universities have strengthened over the last year or so and are being supported by both governments through a process of re-engagement.

Consequently, we thought three recent developments in the Faculty of Engineering would be of interest to you:


Comments on NSDS III and the SETA Landscape

Since my last newsletter in April, the Minister of Higher Education and Training has released a consultative document outlining a new framework for the development of the next (third) National Skills Development strategy (click here to download a copy of this document). 

You all probably know that two different organisations, as well as the SETAs have been/are currently conducting discussion forums around the country on the consultative document for the Framework for NSDS III.  You are probably also aware that in some circles there is great concern about the future of private providers if these proposals see the light of day.

After careful consideration and conversations with a number of people,


New Era for Skills Development in South Africa

It is a while since I circulated a newsletter - as most of my regular readers know, I generally only put pen to paper (or finger to the keyboard) when I have something to say....


Country Conferences

adding country value to your conference or seminar experience

Operating out of a picturesque village, FIONA CAMERON CONSULTING offers a boutique conferencing service – small events that allow for high levels of interaction between delegates.

In the absence of city distractions an island situation is easy to achieve, and can be balanced with local entertainment and/or excursions to nearby places.

Delegates benefit from country air, the tranquillity of the vineyards and the opportunity to get closer to nature.  The city is as close or as far as you wish it to be – internet access is optional and entirely avoidable!

The FIONA CAMERON CONSULTING team has successfully run and/or co-ordinated conferences and seminars.  The most recent (full service) conference received an 89% delegate rating for satisfaction and an 80% rating for good organisation.