MyMoneyforLife is a four-module learning programme that deals with simple personal financial management, including budgeting and planning for the future. It was originally conceived as a short learning programme for the workplace, but in piloting it over the last two years, Arlene Adriaanse has found that personnel from all levels in a company have found the programme beneficial.

MyMoneyforLife, from an employer's perspective will help employees manage their personal debt, which will reduce the number of garnishee orders. In turn, this empowers staff to build a secure financial future for themselves and their families.
The success of MyMoneyforLife has led to our developing a new version for schools which has been incorporated into Synergy's Gap Programme.

MyMoneyforLife is available in a starter kit following which training providers may order individual workbooks.

Starter Kit:

  • 16 Workbooks
  • 4 MyMoneyforLife board games
  • 1 Facilitator guide

To purchase, MyMoneyforLife please contact the publishers, Future Managers
Telephone: 021 448 1725
Facilitation of, or facilitator coaching for, MyMoneyforLife is available through Forefront Training, an accredited training provider.