Fiona Cameron-Brown
Fiona Cameron-Brown holds a Bachelor of Arts and Higher Diploma in Education from Rhodes University, as well as the Certificate in the Principles and Techniques of Fundraising, a joint initiative by the Fundraising School at Indiana University, in the USA, and Southern Africa Institute of Fundraising (SAIF).  Because of her role in the development and implementation of the Certificate in Fundraising Management programme at the University of South Africa, she also holds this qualification. 

Fiona runs an education and training consultancy, FIONA CAMERON CONSULTING, and offers strategic services in conceptualisation, systems development, quality assurance and compliance.  With an associate, she has developed The Quality Management Framework© for training providers. 

in 1993, clients have included local and international tertiary education institutions, SETAs, government departments and donors, as well as grassroots community organisations.  For more information about flagship projects, please click here

Before opening FIONA CAMERON CONSULTING, Fiona lived in Johannesburg for seven years.  She worked in both the private and non-profit sectors, in various capacities, ranging from the development of educational materials while at SACHED, to administration and fundraising.  She worked as an administrative officer in the Chamber of Mines, and while in the parking industry, was administration manager for 29 car parks with revenues averaging R 1 million each, per month.  During her time as a fundraiser, she exceeded her income targets and was expected to conduct funding negotiations with senior people in both the business and diplomatic worlds.

After leaving Johannesburg, Fiona lived in Queenstown where she was contracted as Regional Training Co-ordinator of the housing programme for the Independent Development Trust, and worked with a diverse number of community and development organisations.

In her personal capacity, she chairs the board of trustees of 
the Access Trust which provides support to FET College students.  She is a founding trustee of SciTech, a new organisations which intends to support young South Africans, both at school and in the workplace, to stimulate their interest in chemistry and the natural science, by supporting learning and sharing knowledge.  She is also an elected member of the CHIETA’s Western Cape Regional Consultative Committee, representing SMEs, and with a special interest in the needs of training providers.

Until January 2001, she was a co-opted member and Chairman of Cape Town Child Welfare Society’s Marketing and Funding Committee.
Fiona was a member of the Southern Africa Institute of Fundraising (SAIF) from 1991 until 2000, and has been both National Treasurer and Chairman of the Western Cape Branch.  As a member of the National Council’s Education Committee, which she also chaired, she was instrumental in initiating the development of an education and training programme for the fundraising profession in South Africa. 

As a volunteer in the street children movement, during the late 1980’s, she was a member of the Board of Management of Boys’ Towns South Africa;  in her capacity as Chairman of Project Street Children - Education and Social Support, she initiated the Johannesburg Street Children Coordinating Committee.  In 1991,
Fiona received the Hillbrow Rotary Club Achiever of the year award as “Top Individual”.